In this guide, I am going to be comparing two very different sections of the population of the world who are actually interested in gambling activities. Firstly, I’ll be talking about the amateur gambler who probably has no idea what he’s doing, and this is the kind of person who we see in every single group of friends. This guy really likes going to casinos, but has no idea what to do there. He has no idea about the rules and regulations or what to do when he is sitting at a gambling table.

Casino Newbies Vs Professional Gamblers

The other kind of person that we are discussing is very popular. A professional gambler is a person who knows exactly what to do in a casino. He’s a person who knows how to navigate himself through the casino, he knows all the rules and regulations of most of the games in a casino, he knows how to place bets, and he knows how the rules work, he knows the casino staff personally, because he probably frequent the casino, he ends up making thousands of dollars from the casino and also ends up losing thousands of dollars every single year. You should understand that gambling professionally is not a very stable career, but if you become lucky and if you hit the jackpot of $1 million or more, you are set for life.

  1. If we are talking about a person who is new to casinos, we are usually talking about your average 21-year-old who really wants to visit a casino in Las Vegas, because of all the hype in movies and TV shows. We see hundreds of people all around the world who have it on their bucket list to go to a casino in Las Vegas like the Bellagio, the Caesar’s Palace or more, when they turn 21 years old. What baffles me is that these people actually put it on their bucket list to go to a casino that they have never been to, to go to a city that they have never been to and, they plan on spending hundreds of dollars, without actually knowing if they are going to get anything back. I do not understand why people want to spend money like this on a very important birthday, instead of spending sober time with their friends and family members.
  2. The second kind is the very proud kind which is very entitled in a casino. These people are usually in a casino, because it is the place where they make the most money. These people are also individuals who get very irritated by gamblers who have no idea what they are doing. This is because these individuals are very serious as to what they are actually doing at a gambling table.

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